Phil Wohr


Phil Wohr Concept artist:
As an artist with a passion for the creative process I am constantly striving to improve myself by practicing and learning from those around me. I have been fortunate to work along side a lot of very talented people in the gaming industry and I hope to meet and work with many many more. I enjoy collaborative projects and teams where the individuals all feel involved and inspired by the subject matter. I am an enthusiastic worker and look forward to continuing my career and working with creative people to empower their ideas into a visual reality.

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Brief Resume:

Software Familiarity: Photoshop,Sketchup, Unreal, 3ds Max, Maya, Outlook, Perforce

Company name: Zynga Dallas
Job Title: Senior Concept Artist
Category: Game Development
Duration: Oct 2010 - June 2012

My work at Zynga Dallas included creating concept art and in game 2d assets including but not limited to buildings, props and terrain as well as various pitch and marketing pieces for social games.

Company name: Bonfire Studios
Job Title: Concept Artist
Category: Game Development
Duration: Jul 2009 - Oct 2010

"Bonfire Studios is a world-class, independent game development studio owned and
operated by many of the leaders and senior staff from Ensemble Studios."
While at Bonfire Studios I worked with designers and other artists to create detailed art for characters, environments, weapons, and props for various large game pitches, and demos.

Company name: Ensemble Studios
Job Title: Concept Artist
Category: Game Development
Duration: Oct 2007 - Jan 2009

Ensemble studios acclaimed creator of the Age of empires series hired me on to help with concepts on the Halo Wars franchise. I created concepts for many of the covenant buildings as well as map paint-overs, vehicle concepts, and marketing pieces including art featured on the back cover of the strategy guide for the game.

Company name: Gearbox Software
Job Title: Concept Artist
Category: Game Development
Duration: Sep 2005 - Sep 2007

At Gearbox software I created concept art for Vehicles, weapons, scenes, characters, creatures, and aided marketing for Borderlands, a scifi Fps/Rpg. I also was responsible for some texturing and modeling work on the Hells Highway game.

Company name: Tko Software
Job Titles: 3d Artist / Concept Artist
Category: Game Development
Duration: Jan 2005 - Jul 2005

My first full time industry job. Tko Dallas still exists as Method Solutions. I spent my time there half way between modeling / texturing and Concept Art. It was here that I decided after working in 3d and on concepts that I would primarily pursue concept art. Though I maintain a strong background in the understanding of 3d assets and work flow.

School: The Art Institute of Dallas
Location: Dallas, Texas
Graduation: March 2005
Degree: Associate of Applied Arts, Computer Animation, Pre-visualization
Honors: Outstanding Portfolio, Animation Art and Design 2005
Dean’s List